Blaze was taken to a "doggy jail" after he was found running the streets. The doggy jail gives three days for the dog's owners to come forward and claim their dog. It has been said, only 41% of the owners claim their dogs once they end up in doggy jail. Blaze was not one of those 41%, leaving him with only three days before his fate was decided for him.

A message was sent to the Mondak Animal Rescue asking if we had room for a dog who needed rescue from out of our area. What does this mean? Blaze was in a "pound" two hours away from Mondak Animal Rescue, but we knew there was no way we could say no, so transport was found and Blaze was safely brought to our rural shelter in Williston, ND.

Dogs of his size often find themselves in shelters for longer periods of time. Blaze has been with our shelter for a couple months until Saturday, October 16th when he was adopted.

Thanks to the commitment of Mike Monahan, the author of "Chico's Promise," his adoption fee was covered on behalf of the Chamema Family.

Williston first rescue crop 1.jpg

Blaze and his new family the Chamema's.

Blaze has now found himself on a rural farm with several acres to run, play and as you can see... kids to protect.


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help dogs who just need a little more time than others and sponsoring their adoption fees to help them find the pawfect homes. 



Meet Penny. Penny was adopted from the Animal Rescue Fund in Amelia, Ohio. Chico's Promise paid the rescue fee as part of it's mission to save 50,000 dogs in Chico's memory.


Chico’s Promise first rescue was Buddy in May, 2021. He was adopted by Vietnam Veteran, Fred and his wife, Lori. Buddy was found stranded in a wire fence and was being attacked by coyotes. After recovering from his injuries, Buddy was offered for adoption by Animal Rescue Fund in Amelia, Ohio. Chico’s Promise paid the rescue fee as part of it's mission to save 50,000 dogs in Chico’s memory. Only 49,999 more to go!

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