Mike and Doogie recent rescue      3-21-21 C.jpg
Mike and his rescue dog, Doogie.

A message from Mike Monahan, Founder of Chico’s Promise

Vietnam 1969.  I was a Scout Dog Handler for the 46th Scout Dog Platoon in Tay Ninh Vietnam and my canine partner’s name was Chico, Military Tattoo #66A9. Chico and I walked point (first position on patrol) from May 1969 until April 1970. Chico became a Superhero when he saved my life by alerting me to a tripwire hooked to explosives. During our year together on combat patrols, his alerts not only saved my life but saved the lives of many American soldiers.

Over 4300 military dogs were abandoned or euthanized by the end of the Vietnam war. Chico was put down one year after I returned home from Vietnam. For 50 years my feelings for abandoning Chico have weighed heavy on my heart.  Recently I decided to tell Chico’s story and wrote the book, “Chico’s Promise,” in his voice. Chico saved my life. Now I have the opportunity to save the lives of 50,000 dogs in Chico’s memory by paying adoption fees at selected no-kill shelters throughout the United States.

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